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Saree – the pride of Indian women and the most graceful amongst the garments worn by women the world over, is a cherished tradition of excellence at Tathastu.

We provide an exhaustive range of sarees that are designed to suit a variety of occasions and celebrations. From simple & elegant wear that ideal for everyday usage to an exquisite and rich drape of nine yards that beautifies the bride, the collection at Tathastu never fails to impress!

Sarees are available in a variety of fabrics such as:

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[li]Chiffon Sarees[/li]

[li]Cotton Sarees[/li]

[li]Crepe Sarees[/li]

[li]Georgette Sarees[/li]

[li]Net Sarees[/li]

[li]Silk Sarees[/li]

[li]Tissue Sarees[/li]


Worn by Indian women regardless of the region, culture or ethnicity, the saree is a perennial favourite during all celebrations. The different occasions for wearing sarees are:

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[li]Casual or daily wear[/li]


Type of sarees worn during different occasions and celebrations often change in characteristics and designs to provide comfort, convenience and beauty. The different types of sarees are:

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[li]Traditional Sarees[/li]

[li]Designer sarees[/li]

[li]Embroidered sarees[/li]

[li]Printed Sarees[/li]

[li]Bandhej Sarees[/li]


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