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Tathastu is a brand that has become famous for reinventing the traditional ‘Pathani’ and making it the most favoured wedding couture amongst women across all ages.An exquisite saree that requires immense dedication, hard work and creativity to design, the ‘Paithani’ is a timeless symbol of the opulence and elegance of feminine beauty and charm.

The ‘Paithanis’ from the house of Tathastu are prized possession among women and are extremely sought after throughout the year.Such is the popularity of these sarees that ‘Paithanis’ from the house of Tathatu have been the most desirable prize for years in ‘Home Minister’ – a reality show on ZEE Marathi that is extremely popular amongst women.

Needless to say we specialise in ‘Paithanis’ and provide the most varied range available. We also design and create bespoke, customised ‘Paithanis’ that are exclusively made to order.Go through our range or get in touch with us to get your very own ‘Paithani’ – the heritage apparel of every Indian beauty!

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